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AMEN New Technologies part of 20 CEE Startups and SMEs Speeding Up the Clean Energy Transition

An article from The Recursive:

The Balkans’ potential for renewable and clean energy production has attracted more and more foreign investors looking to develop or support bigger and more efficient projects, from solar plants, to wind parks, and, more recently, small nuclear reactors. Individual countries in the region have also been advancing financing schemes for clean energy startups and companies.

In Bulgaria, for instance, firms in the tourism sector can apply by the end of the year for financing of energy efficiency and clean energy projects. And Romanian companies can tap into a 30M euro allocation for green energy projects through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Meanwhile, Greece is getting closer to building a green energy corridor to export its renewable electricity to Central Europe, as part of its plan to sell excess power abroad to countries that do not benefit from similar conditions for the production of renewables such as solar and wind power.

And demand for clean, secure, and affordable energy is higher than ever. This year, investments in renewables may be beating the oil and gas sector for the first time, as electricity prices across Europe surge to all time highs. Even nuclear energy, which is opposed by certain global green and humanitarian groups and several governments, got the “sustainable” tick on the European Commission’s green taxonomy, as a bridging technology.

Given such tailwinds, there’s no doubt that renewable energy will continue to rise in the region. With that in mind, The Recursive took a look at the clean energy startups and young companies innovating in the space, whether by creating new marketplaces, increasing the efficiency of renewable energy technologies, working on alternative fuels, or creating new business models in the space.

Our company is also included in these 20 startups.

Headquarters: Greece

Founders: Dr. Dimitrios Niarchos, Filotas Niarchos, Antonios Bogdanos

Type of solution: Nanotechnology research

Description: The company focuses on R&D using nanomaterials for energy, environment, health and space applications, filling the gap between research teams in academic institutions and the business world.

Highlights: They have recently graduated from the EIT Raw Materials Phase 1 Accelerator Programme and was selected to receive extra funding for Phase 2&3.

Read more by clicking here.

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