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Intlvac Thin Film is a Canadian advanced manufacturing company. Our foundation is built on three pillars: High Vacuum Thin Film Deposition & Ion Beam Etch/Deposition Systems, Thin Film Coatings, and Ion Sources for surface modification. We dedicate ourselves to delivering high performance products to institutions who require technology solutions that truly push the limits of what advanced manufacturing and materials science have to offer.


We have been a driving force in the thin film deposition and materials science industry for the past 30 years and dedicate ourselves to innovating these fields in a manner that impacts the overall industry. Many industries are directly affected such as: aerospace & defence, medical, telecommunications, energy, optics & photonics, and more. This reach cascades to countless more indirect applications that influence The World.


Intlvac’s hand-picked team of specialists continuously explore the nuances of materials science through a range of deposition techniques and state-of-the-art metrology equipment. By developing transformative technologies through our deep library of Intellectual Property, we provide our customers with industry leading value and superior performance. We are dynamic because of our research foundations and refined because of our team mentality. However, the evolution of our systems, coatings, and ion sources is not our most profound virtue, instead it is the commitment to the cultivation of the materials science that governs them.


Intlvac specializes and excels at producing machinery and thin films for MEMS, GMR Devices, Precision Optical Coatings for epifluorescence microscopy, uncooled and cooled IR detectors, high density indium solder bump bonding, and a whole suite of technology for Infrared Optical films. Our investment into Research & Development plus the continuous building of relationships within our industry is our focal point. Customers can be sure we will maintain high standards as we continue to set the bar high for thin film coating technology!

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