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MTI Corporation, founded in 1994 by a group of material researchers from MIT and UC Berkeley, is a leading manufacturer of oxide crystals, substrates and lab equipment for material research. The KJ Group, a division of MTI Corporation, also operates multiple production facilities in China. This enables us to provide high-quality, low-cost precision machines for material research and R&D labs. Our products include low-speed cutting saws, wire diamond saws, auto polishing machines, high-temperature ovens, tube furnaces, and complete sets of equipment for rechargeable battery materials research. With a commitment to good design, low prices and customer service, MTI strives to become the world’s leader in bench-top machines for material science research.    

MTI Corporation’s secure online store provides one-stop shopping with transparent prices, so our customers can save time with 100% confidence. MTI ships products worldwide to universities, national laboratories, and R&D units of private companies. We appreciate you for visiting our website and supporting our business.

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