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Microwave Heating


Microwave heating and sintering are fundamentally different from conventional sintering, which involves radiant/resistance heating followed by the transfer of thermal energy via conduction to the inside of the body being processed. Microwave heating is volumetric heating involving the conversion of electromagnetic energy into thermal energy, which is instantaneous, rapid, and highly efficient.

What are the advantages of Microwave Technology?

  • Time and energy-saving (Low cost)

  • High heating rates (>400°C/minute) (Minimization of grain growth)

  • Lower sintering time and temperature (Energy savings)

  • Fine microstructures (Improved mechanical properties)

  • Synthesis of new and special materials (Newmarket potential)

  • Improvement in the product performance

  • Environmentally friendly technique

  • Controlled inert atmosphere-Environmentally friendly process

Applications of this technology

  1. Metallic Powders –MAGNETS


  3. Polymers

  4. Hybrids

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