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AMEN Showcases Groundbreaking Approach to Permanent Magnets at REPM2023 in Birmingham, UK

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Athens, Greece—AMEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES (AMEN), a trailblazer in innovative materials, proudly participated in the Rare Earth Permanent Magnets Symposium (REPM2023) held in Birmingham, UK, from September 3-7, 2023. The bi-annual REPM Symposium attracts over 250 participants worldwide from academia, industry, and governmental organizations, serving as a premier event dedicated to permanent magnets.

Demonstrating their unwavering commitment to advancing magnetic materials, AMEN presented a groundbreaking approach based on high entropy alloys for permanent magnets. This innovative strategy holds the promise of revolutionizing the industry by delivering enhanced performance and sustainability in magnetic materials.

Key Highlights of AMEN's Presentation:

  1. High Entropy Alloys for Unparalleled Performance: AMEN showcased a cutting-edge approach to permanent magnets, harnessing the unique properties of high entropy alloys. This offers superior magnetic performance with potential applications spanning various industries.

  2. Sustainability at the Core: Aligning with global efforts towards sustainable technologies, AMEN's approach prioritizes eco-friendly solutions, reducing dependence on traditional rare earth elements and mitigating environmental impacts.

  3. Innovation Driving Future Applications: The presentation emphasized the potential of AMEN's technology to drive innovation in sectors such as renewable energy, electronics, and transportation.

Dr. Dimitrios Niarchos, R&D Director at AMEN New Technologies, expressed excitement about the symposium, stating, "REPM2023 provided an excellent platform to share our groundbreaking approach to permanent magnets. Our innovative use of high entropy alloys opens new doors for industries seeking high-performance magnetic materials with a focus on sustainability."

AMEN New Technologies eagerly anticipates continued collaboration and partnerships to propel this cutting-edge technology to the forefront of the magnetic materials industry.

For more information, please contact: Dr. D. Niarchos, R&D Director,

About AMEN NEW TECHNOLOGIES: AMEN is an SME focused on the research and development of innovative materials and technologies, from laboratory to industrial scale, and is dedicated to developing techniques for a greener planet. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, AMEN strives to advance the frontiers of permanent magnet materials, contributing to transformative developments in various industries.

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