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We are very happy to work together with HUAWEI Austria  to develop techniques and systems for novel Magnetic MEMS with much higher performance and at reduced cost that can be used in various applications in the exploding digital work of today and tomorrow.

AMable Project


This AMable project  (CYBESATS) has enabled us to gain the necessary knowledge, experience and contacts with suppliers that will allow a new business line. So far, we were constrained to design and manufacture only metallic components, but being able to design and manufacture through FDM, has enabled us to take the step to go for plastic structures, and widen the AM usability spectrum. A key point for us in this project is that we were involved in the manufacturing process allowing us to acquire new knowledge about the FDM process with a high temperature plastic and learn about the limits of the process itself. The team has improved its design capabilities and has understood the limits of the opportunities these materials offer.The present experiment has developed a cubesat structure that is 40% lighter  ( using 3D-printed stuctures based on PEEK ) than the traditional one and complies with all the requirements. Furthermore, the assembly process has been simplified, reducing the number of parts (only two halves). The direct consequence of these two facts is that the capability of the platform is increased and heavier payload can be used or the overall weight is reduced and hence, so do are the launching fuel consumption and cost.

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